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How can I benefit from group work?    

I want to work on my issues not someone else’s!

EFT or emotional freedom technique involves tapping on various points on the face and hands whilst repeating statements relating to a specific issue.  So, as one of the more important aspects of tapping successfully is being specific, so how can you benefit from group tapping?  Surely only one person can benefit at a time in this case?


In fact, although it is important to be specific and target an issue there are a few reasons why group tapping is also extremely effective. 


This is in fact how I ‘accidentally’ got lost my taste for craving chocolate!

Any problem, psychological or physical will have a number of aspects or co-existing beliefs attached to it. Some of these we may be consciously aware, others buried deeper – in the subconscious.


The subconscious is never offline, it's always on the lookout for "danger".  It's always ready to hear or perceive anything that may be related to a trigger - instantly!  It’s always trying to keep you safe.


Imagine you're in a crowded restaurant and someone somewhere mentions something about overeating or being fat.  Your perception instantly tunes in to that conversation.  It’s not a conscious decision but you do it anyway - and you are on high alert, and the emotions start to rise.   It's exactly this process that's in operation in a tapping group session.  You pick up what resonates with you - whether you are consciously aware of it or not.  Anything that doesn’t matter simply flows right over you.

When we tap together like this, it's called "Borrowed Benefits"


It is the process of tapping along in a group or to a video and the words and tapping sequence resonates with you too.


These reactions can be totally unrelated, for instance the subject being tapped on could be anxiety and another individual may release their back pain or a headache just by tapping at the same time.   


The power of the shift is more important than what it is for.   We are all energetically entangled and able to heal each other just by engaging with this process.

I currently run 2 different workshops.  Click on the links to find out more.

Please Note:  If you've had a troubled emotional history and are easily triggered, group work is not for you. 


EFT is very effective at bringing emotions to the surface, so if there's potential for a serious big "T" traumas to surface you need the care and dedication of a 1-2-1 consultation with a practitioner, or there will be the possibility of re-traumatising yourself - and others.


 It's time to start loving yourself 

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