Are you eating when you're stressed and not hungry?

Have you had enough and want to stop?


I can help you.

All you need to get started is my

Kick Start program

In just 3 weeks you'll ....

Feel calmer and less stressed

Stop wanting to eat when you're not hungry

Be more confident and outgoing

Have a cool tool to keep your stress levels super low - forever!

All this in only

3 x 60 min sessions


21 itty bitty days!! 

In less than 21 days you'll ...

See your stress and anxiety levels - hit the floor they're that low

No longer eat when you're upset or angry

Kick food cravings to the curb

Smile like you really mean it

Love who you see in the mirror

Watch your confidence sky rocket

Want to go out and buy a whole new awesome wardrobe!

Full disclosure, this program is NOT for you if you don't want to:

  • Feel relaxed in fancy bars & restaurants

  • Look & feel hot

  • Enjoy clothes shopping

  • Believe the compliments you get

  • Stop being miserable on diets

  • Stop making fat jokes about yourself

  • Feel confident and hopefu

What Others Say...

The EFT Way_Sydney.jpg

John (42yrs) - VIC

I'd suffered from binge eating since a teenager.  Kerry expertly guided me to where it all began - being bullied at school.  Now, my eating habits have changed drastically.

The EFT way Testimonial

Paula (50yrs) - NSW

I was sexually abused as a teenager and used food ever since to make myself feel better.  I knew why I did it but I couldn't stop it.  With the help of Kerry and Tapping I now have.  Thank you x

The EFT Way_Tapping_Sydney.jpg

Vicky (46yrs) - NSW

I've gone from one bad relationship to another feeling low in confidence.  After several sessions with Kerry it's like I'm a new person.  I'm so grateful I found her and Tapping.

For fun I want to share my before and afters with you

What's coolest thing about these pics?

It isn't my weight loss, it's......

My smile - look how different it is!!

I'm happy in myself now :-)

Let's get down and dirty.. how much is this gonna


I'm making it really affordable.

Don't let the low price fool you.

Tapping is VERY powerful.

So, it's all yours for just 

AU$ 360.00!!!

a single session is $150

I know right, it's madness!

(not the band but that would be

pretty cool too)

It's time to make the change you've wanted to make for such a long time - get YOURSELF on track

What are you

waiting for?

Let's  #TapThatShitAway

Want to chat to me

about it? 

No drama.

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