Step Away From The Scales

This is a real issue and one WE all know about, and often laugh about, but it’s not funny, it's damaging.


Are you like I used to be?  Living and dying by what those numbers on the scales were telling me? 


If it was lower than the previous weigh in (probably only a few hours earlier) I was happy – I felt good about myself.   If it was higher, Oh my, I'd be devastated, I'd have all the excuses ready - well I did eat that 'big meal' or it's the time of the month, so it's water retention.


All this from a number on an inanimate object, dictating my worth and how my day will go, what I'd wear and how I'd feel in those clothes.  Crazy!!  But we can't stop.

Have you ever started the day weighing yourself stark naked before breakfast – but after having gone to the toilet.  Then again after, breakfast, or workouts, before meals and of course before bed.  Each and every day!!

We know that getting on the scales multiple times a day won't make any difference; we know that weight doesn't change that rapidly, but we just can't help ourselves.

A machine was determining not only whether I had low or ok self-esteem but what I was going to eat that day, and how I felt after eating it. Madness!


In this workshop we'll dig in and loosen those ties to the scales.  We'll release the blocked emotions that are telling you that a number is all you are worth. 


You'll be able to have a healthy relationship with this machine. It might even start to gather dust 😊

It's Time To Start Loving Yourself  - The EFT way

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