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I help you love yourself again 

I'll help you once and for all stop over eating when you're feeling stressed, lonely, angry or afraid.  I'll also get you to  change who you see when you look in the mirror.  You won't see someone you're not proud of anymore, you'll see someone that is confident, strong and beautiful!

You’re here because you're interested in a more holistics, kinder way to approach life.  You've tried all the other ways you've been told is the only way to become happy and get thin, they haven't work. 


Let’s count just a few of them off:

  • Cut out Carbs – carbs make you fat

  • Cut out fat – fat makes you fat

  • Go Low Carb High Fat – fat doesn’t make you fat

  • Eat 1200 calories a day – eating makes you fat (FYI 1400 calories is the RDI of a 4-year-old so … WTF?)

  • Don’t eat after 6pm – night time eating makes you fat

  • Go Paleo – cavepeople weren’t fat (see what I did there – gender neutral)

  • Go to the gym everyday – lazy people aren’t fat

  • Walk a bazillion km’s a week – see above

  • ​Take this nasty chemical ridden pill – it will make you thin!

  • Cut away your stomach – Your body isn't good enough that's why your'e fat

  • Eat dust – dust has no calories – you can eat all the dust you want!

You've forgotten what normal eating is, maybe you never knew,  it's always been this way – now you're tired.  You're in the right place to stop this.

Constantly thinking about food and eating grinds you down.  All that brain power taken up with meal prep, working out what you're allowed to eat.  Shuffling meals about because you ‘pigged’ out earlier.


Staring at a rack of clothes because you've nothing that looks good on you (or crying like I did).   Do you want to let all this go?  You're in the right place to change this.

I was there too, but it's not me anymore, all my extra energy has gone into living a better life.  I've created 2 businesses, and go to Uni - I'm getting my degree at last!  I walk everyday too – because I like it not because I have to.


I help people just like you all over the world.  Together we uninstall your old crappy programming that's making you overeat and think you are not good enough to do all the amazing things you dream of and you replace it with a new updated 2.0 version instead.  Then all this ‘stuff’ goes away - FOREVER!

1-2-1 Private Sessions

Having a 1-2-1 Zoom session is the best and quickest way to get started.   

​This's because each session is focused totally on you.  We take how YOU are feeling then and get to work gently releasing these limiting beliefs and behaviours.

There’re a couple of reasons why you need a practitioner, particularly at the start.

For EFT to work you need be really specific on what you’re tapping on – otherwise you won’t get to the core and you ‘stuff’ comes back.  Until you're really familiar with tapping and yourself you may not be specific enough.

Sometimes something else comes up in a session that needs to be released before you can move on.   So it’s really important to follow the breadcrumb trail of what’s coming up for you.  As an experienced practitioner recognise these trails and guide you in following them - they're there for a reason and not always obvious.

If you're really serious about getting a head start on cracking this one of my Kick Start Packages is for you.

Group Workshops

Group workshops are a great way to find out more about EFT.  I keep them small, so you don’t get overwhelmed with a big crowd and you feel comfortable asking questions.

Even though workshops offer great value of money and are amazingly effective, they're not a replacement for a personalised 1-2-1 session.

If you've had a troubled emotional history and are easily triggered, group work is not for you to begin with. 


EFT is really good at bringing emotions to the surface, so if you’ve had a serious big "T" trauma in your past you need the care and attention of a 1-2-1 session or you could retraumatise yourself – or others.

Let's get going, you're here for a reason aren't you?

You want something different don't you?

What are you waiting for?

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