Kick Start Packages

These Kick Start Packages are designed not only to save you money, but to build momentum and get you really focused on your dream of releasing this hold food has over you.   


Focusing you on taking back control of what you eat, how much you eat and how you see yourself.  Leaving you to feel relaxed and be able to enjoy being around food.  Enjoy eating with your friends and family without being self-conscious and ashamed.  Giving you the self-confidence to do all the things you dream of doing but are too scared or ashamed to do.

Together we'll keep you on track and systematically release all the traumas and hurtful emotions that you've experienced.  Releasing all the negative energy your body has stored and all the coping mechanisms your body has created to keep itself safe.

The packages are 3 x 60 min private sessions totally dedicated to your emotions and following your lead on what your body needs to be at peace.

Please read here for more detail on what you can expect in a a private session.

There are THREE  Kick Start Packages to choose from. 

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 It's time to start loving yourself & Food 

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