EFT Online Sessions

Convenient, comfortable and effective

The awesomeness of Emotional Freedom Technique is that you don’t need to be in the same room as me!  You’re tapping on yourself; I'm guiding you, keeping you in the moment.  I tune into you and purposely trigger you to dig out the emotions so we can clear them.

You’ll find the more experienced practitioners will run their sessions online.  We’re just a little more confident in our ability and with our skills. 

I’ve seen amazing results EFT online sessions get.  I think it’s down to you being in a place that’s familiar and safe – which is really important in every session.

Added Benefits

Another big benefit is they’re flexible, especially for busy people.  If you’ve only got an hour at lunchtime, or before you get the kids, you can still have your session – it’s just a Zoom link away.  You can even do it from your car if you want! (not when you’re driving of course, that’d be silly)

Remember my clients are worldwide so if you’re away from home it’s still possible to carry on with your sessions. 

Plus, if you don’t have transport, limited mobility, or fear of leaving home you don’t have to miss out - an online session from your home is the answer.

And of course, Zoom is free, so you're saving on travel and parking costs too!

All you need is somewhere quiet, reliable internet and a webcam, smartphone or tablet so we can see each other.


No additional travel times

No need to be located close to me

So Easy

How do I schedule an online session?

I’ve made it super easy – there is a link below.

If you’re a new client, I need 48hrs notice so I can send you the New Client Form and for you to get it back to me before we meet.

Don’t forget to include email address and phone number, these are the most important.  I’ll then email you to confirm your time and date.

Payment for all sessions is required in advance.

Cancellation / Reschedule Policy

I need 48 hours’ notice of any cancellation or amendment to appointments. Payments will not be refunded unless the 48hrs is given - Thanks so much for your understanding. 

Social Media Policy

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