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As you know from reading other parts of my website our negative behaviours, in this instance our food addiction or cravings all have their root causes in a specific event(s) that occurred in our younger years.  It can be something that we think (in our adult brain) as seemingly meaningless, we call this a small ‘t’ trauma, but our innocent child self was afraid, so our child body tried to protect itself and it created a cascade of survival behaviours that brings us to this point today. 

Of course, some behaviours stem from big “T” traumas, and Clinical EFT is extremely effective in permanently regulating emotions around these situations – and should only be dealt with in conjunction with qualified professionals, please do not attend group sessions if you think this could be applicable to you.

Ok, I get that but how can tapping on my face stop me being addicted to food or devouring what I crave so much?

EFT is used to change negative feelings, self-limiting beliefs, and alter unwanted repetitive behaviours – just to name a few!  We use Clinical EFT to ‘re-programme’ the subconscious by removing the negative connections we created in childhood with a particular behaviour or thoughts we demonstrate today. 

There are two ways that you can start your journey with "breaking up with" Food Addiction or Kicking Those Cravings To The Curb!

1 - Join one of my regular 1.5hr workshops in Brookvale where you can experience the effects of EFT in a small intimate group environment - bring a friend, come together.  Spaces are very limited on these as I only have 4 people per workshop so buy your tickets early - All listed on Eventbrite.

2 - If you really mean business, then jump in and book your private one on one, tailored specifically to you Kick Start programme.  This is 3 x 1hr sessions totally focused on you to really dig deep and erase those younger self traumas.

Either way we will use Clinical EFT or “Tapping” to karate kick your cravings to the curb!   It's really great if you have a specific food you have a weakness for, to bring it along.

What to expect

  • To leave no longer telling yourself “you’ll be good tomorrow” and then not being.

  • To no longer fight the continuous battle with yourself to “step away from the (insert craving here)”

  • To leave with drastically reduced or zero cravings.

  • To be at peace, unaffected by and in control when you’re around your craving. 

  • To be empowered to know that you now have choices around your craving.

  • To believe in yourself, now you have kicked this to the curb, you have the ability to make anything happen!

  • To meet other people that feel exactly the same way as you and to know you are never alone.

You will leave with a totally different emotional pull to your craving.  You will no longer have the sense of urgency to eat it and then the low of the guilt after you have – you will now be making a conscious empowered choice.

EFT is permeant, the effects of your session do not have a shelf life (like our favourite foods do), they last forever – so be careful what you wish for 😊

N.B. Please note that if you are easily triggered then a group workshop is not the environment for you to experience EFT.  EFT is a powerful tool and can bring to the surface lots of emotions.

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