Ending Emotional Eating

How many times have you been told or told yourself that you overeat because you have no will power, or you have no control, you’re just greedy or, it runs in the family?

Sorry, none of that is true, well maybe the family bit is, but not in the way you think.  You are not genetically predisposed to emotional eating, but you are ENERGETICALLY predisposed to emotional eating.  Or as I like to call it Energenetically (yes, I have just made that up haha).  Emotions are passed down through your genes.

Emotional eating is just a symptom of the real problem.  The main issue is that we use food as a tranquiliser to numb ourselves to the triggers of unresolved emotions that reside in our system.

We eat to block out rejection, loneliness, distress, depression, fear, betrayal, worthlessness, defeat, helplessness or hopelessness.

Our emotional over-consumption of food often means we then carry more weight than we would like, this feeds nicely into our vicious cycle of more emotional eating.  We try to manage the emotional consequences of becoming overweight by comforting ourselves with food.  We know we shouldn't, we know it will make us feel worse, but we do it anyway.  We can't stop!

I’m living proof that EFT is a way to make peace with this behaviour and break out of that debilitating cycle once and for all.

When I work with you, we will target the emotion filled specific events in your life.  The ones that have created this survival mechanism of using food as comfort.   We will gently release the trauma related to these events and reframe your subconscious and your natural reaction to reach for food in times of upset.

It's now time to break the chains, together we can make food your friend (real friends) not the enemy.

 Book your session now and open your door to a new life. 

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