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Hellooo and welcome!

So you want to stop People Pleasing and start Me Pleasing, great news!

Are you ready to:

Only eat when you're hungry?

Stop opening the fridge when you're stressed?

Lose weight without thinking about it? 

Live your life in a body you love


I’ve created this FREE mini program for smart women just like you!  You’re clever, you can do anything you put your mind to – except ending your emotional eating.

Using EFT Tapping I’ll guide you to succeed in doing just that - slay your emotional eating demons AND lose weight without even thinking about it!

I really do know what you’re going through. I was an emotional eater for decades!


Now, I’m passionate about helping women like you put a stop to your eating issues and live a life free of emotional eating and yo-yo dieting just like I did!

You CAN do this!

Does this sound familiar?

When you feel stressed, bored or upset, you head to the fridge because you feel better when you eat. 

You can’t control yourself around the food you love.  If its in the house, you'll eat it until its gone!

You're afraid you love eating too much to ever be able to lose weight and keep it off.


You've tried so many things to stop eating when you're upset but you can’t stick to it.


Food isn't the problem 

You can still love good food, cooking, baking, eating at great restaurants, and still be in total control!

I've done it, my clients have done it, and I want to teach you how too.

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Do you want to...

Really understand your emotions and accept yourself for the beautiful woman you are?

Create a calm life so you don’t get frustrated or stressed

Not think about turning to food if you're angry or upset

Not always be thinking about food, calories, carbs and stop being miserable on stupid restrictive diets

Go to a party or a restaurant and feel relaxed about eating

Look in the mirror and see a gorgeous happy smile looking back at you – one that reaches your soul too! 

Free up your energy to think about fun stuff so you create an even more amazing life.

Quote !

What you get

This mini program is split into 4 easy steps.  They’re designed to get you curious about the real reason you eat when you're upset. Then with EFT you use this powerful understanding to Tap away your triggers - we're gonna #TapThatShitAway!

I've created beautiful worksheets to help you focus on each step and record your progress, and an instructional video on how to Tap the right way.

Plus, I'm gifting you a BONUS Tapping Journal to help you keep on track with your future progress.

Despite its simplicity Tapping is immensely powerful and gets to work immediately

unlike traditional talk therapy and visualisation techniques.  You’ll start to see and feel the shift straightaway.

You’ll be amazed at the changes you’ll experience!

What Others Are Saying

Your confidentiality is important so even though permission has been given for these testimonials, all names have been changed as a safeguard.

Steph (43yrs) - UK

It's amazing that a comment from my Nan 35 yrs ago would lead to my emotional eating and never feeling good enough.

The EFT Way Testimonial

Sam (26yrs) - NSW

So simple but WOW what effects it's had.  I loved the workshop and already booked in for my 1st session.

The EFT Way Testimonial

Anne (56yrs) - NSW

I craved chocolate ALL the time, now I've had a bar in my drawer for 3 weeks.  Unheard of before. 

I'm cured! 

Tapping's amazing.


The Cost.....

Nothing - it's freeeeee


Thank you!

I'm sure you'll love working through this mini program as much as I've love creating it for you.

I can't wait to see you shine

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