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My Story

Tapping & gradually peeling back the layers of emotions I learned that my feelings of rejection and abandonment had started in the womb at my conception.  I was a 'surprise baby' you see. 

There wasn’t joy & happiness in discovering my existence.  I wasn't planned, I wasn't celebrated, I wasn’t wanted.  But this clump of cells was a lifeforce & it’s energy felt rejected & unsafe.

I was conceived in 1972, when it wasn't acceptable to be unmarried & pregnant.  My poor mom, so lots of, fear & shock was directed straight at me in those first weeks.

​That changed, Mom & Dad got married within weeks, but it was too late, the belief was there.  It was stuck, the fear & expectation of being rejected followed me throughout the next 46yrs of life. 

​Constantly bullied & abandoned by my so called friends at primary school. 

Strict parents, not allowing me to express myself, or speak freely.  Repeatedly told if I didn't live by their rules, I’d be thrown out the house or taken to the Care Home. 


So, I learned to please the caregivers and bullies so I wouldn't be rejected or abandoned.  They’d love me & take care of me if I did everything to keep them on side – right? 

All this was reinforcing & building on the ingrained fear of rejection I’d got at conception.  

I’m painting my childhood to be terrible; it wasn’t, there are things I wished would’ve been different, but I was loved, clothed, fed & cared for.  I had a good start in life.   You can still pick this stuff up in a happy home.

But to a small child who is totally dependent on the whim of others it can feel like life or death – & for some it is. 


We’re programmed for survival so if we PERCIEVE danger we do what we can to stay alive.

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I "tap" almost daily, just 10 minutes.  I’ve a kind curiosity about how I feel.  I’m thankful for my emotions, they help me understand myself better.  I don’t run from them anymore.  It’s scary at first, but that goes away eventually.


I make tweaks every day so become a slightly different person each day. 


I’ve trained myself not to be a victim, I choose whether I have a good or bad day, thought or reaction.


It’s because of my consistency in Tapping, being aware, keeping promises to myself, meditating when I can, as well as creating micro habits for change that I’m growing into the person I want be, with the life I want to live.


I’m not going to give you false promises, it takes focus and consistency.  You need to commit to a few minutes each day, you need to put some effort in. 


You also need to be brave by putting myself higher up the priority list.  I’ve had serious emotional blackmail guilt trips from friends & family because I’m not longer freely available to them.


It’s not always easy but I owe it to myself to be true to my feelings & my needs & not feel guilty or selfish about it.  I only get 1 life; it would be a crying shame to waste it any longer. 


You are only responsible for YOU (little kids excepted).


So, if you’re ready to stop quitting & start committing I’m here for you.


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How I Moved On

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My Style

I’m caring & compassionate but I’m no nonsense too, I say it like it is.

If you’re looking for someone to only validate your feelings without questioning what’s caused them, I’m not for you. 

If you're easily offended, I'm not for you.

Be ready for me asking some blunt questions that may shock or make you feel defensive but they’re not designed to offend or judge. 


I’m aiming to evoke emotions; they’re excellent messengers.  They give us a starting point, then we follow where your body takes us.  You’ve all the answers right there inside you.  You just need to find them & trust them.

I like to inject humour into our sessions, so even though we're doing some serious work, it'll be very informal & relaxed.  If you need to swear, scream, shout, then carry on, I'll join you!

Taking action is a must.  An hour of talking and tapping is not something that will happen often. 


There must be some commitment from you to make some changes.  Don’t get worried, I only recommend small manageable tweaks that stretch you a little but don’t freak you out.

It's your body’s sole purpose is to keep you safe.  


Trust it, it’ll never put you in harms way or tell you the wrong thing.  You're just scared of the message, so you run from it.   I’m here to help you feel safe receiving and acting upon your body’s GPS

FINALLY, & most importantly.  There's NO JUDGEMENT in our sessions, it's your safe place, where you can explore who you are & who you want to be.

Love & Light

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