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Welcome back!


You'll have noticed lots of photos of me on the site – at one time there'd have been zero – true story.  What happened? 

EFT fricken' happened, that’s what!


It really is because of this super easy, powerful technique that I’ve got all this confidence and self-esteem!  I’m ok with my photo being taken, I’m ok with being seen, I’m ok with being heard!


I’m not going to give you false promises, it took focus and consistency to uncover all the crap stuck in there.  You need to put in some effort.


Before I was ready to become a practitioner I tapped every day for 18 months.  I had to make sure I was free of my “stuff” before I could even think of helping you to get rid of yours  – and there was A LOT.


A big light bulb moment was understanding weight issues weren’t about being a greedy pig with no willpower and focus or not exercising enough– they were behaviours and beliefs I made up as a kid.


What?  Well, for example, growing up food was used as a treat, reward, and love.  This made my brain link feeling happy and loved with food.  So, when I felt sad, lonely, or upset my brain went .. ding ding ding, “We eat when we want cheering up – go eat all the things”. 


The really weird thing is, and you know this already – the conscious part of my brain was shouting nooo, you’ve just had dinner, you're not hungry.


Ha, conscious brain, you know nothing!  We eat all the things when she needs to feel happy or loved – go forth and eat, we love youuuu! 

And you can’t stop it.


I used my skills as an EFT Practitioner to find when in my past this belief was created (there’s always at least one – often several).  I yanked it out of there and put in a new one that says “You’re a big girl now, you don’t need food to make you happy – YOU do that yourself” or words to that effect.


Once I’d got rid of this clutter, I naturally lost weight.  FYI, the body holds onto extra fat to protect you from something it thinks is harming you.  It's keeping you safe.  This something we find and remove so the weight just falls away – you’re safe now, you don’t need the protection!


I used to think I was was fat, ugly, and unattractive, so who would love me - that disappeared.   I’ve become who I've always wanted to be but didn’t have the confidence to. 


I "tap" almost every day and I get rid of more "stuff" each day which open me up to an exciting life, full of adventure and possibilities.

The boring bits

I'm a really cool, awesome clinical EFT Practitioner.  I live on the Northern Beaches of Sydney and help people all over the world with their EFT needs.  

If you really want to make some big changes in your life, I can help you.  If you want to let go of the baggage that’s slowing you down I can show you how.


I do my work online as it lets me help you no matter where you are – and it’s easier to work into your schedule if you don’t have to worry about travel and parking.


The things I focus on because I’m not a “Jack of all trades and master of none” are:

  • Stopping you eating when you're not hungry

  • Getting rid of your food cravings

  • Get you feeling strong and confident

  • Shutting down your overwhelm and worry

  • Stopping you feeling anxious and stressed

  • Helping you to love your body so you allow others too also

  • Pumping up your self-esteem and self-worth

  • Helping you to dealing with difficult relationship problems - romantic and family

Education and Certifications

  • BHSc Naturopathy (currently studying)

  • Clinical EFT L1 & L2 Practitioner

  • Tapping Out Of Trauma 1.0

  • Energetic Tools for Transformation L1 & L2 Practitioner

  • Diploma of Vegan Nutrition

  • Diploma of Social Sciences (Psychology)

  • Gut Health - The Second Brain

  • The Meridian Energy System

  • The Chakra Energy System

  • Australian Bush Flower Essences - Vibrational Medicine

  • Dowsing as an Energetic Assessment Tool

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