1-2-1 Sessions

Session's don't go to a specific plan and that's because you're unique. 


I don't set anything out for you to follow, I follow where you're going.  I adapt every session to your needs and wants.   So you won't have two sessions the same either

Sometimes something comes up that's more important, so we change direction.  Sometimes things that felt so big disappear really quickly.  Sometimes something you think isn't a big deal turns out to be just that.  

This is why 1-2-1 sessions are better than group workshops.  I can change focus with you really quickly so you can zone into and release it as soon as it appears.

During the session 

You may be a little nervous or scared at the thought of releasing your emotions because you think it'll be painful - it's not.  


It's understandable, you want to protect yourself from painful memories.   But you've pushed them down for years and it's not helped you.   In fact it's stopped you from living life how you want to live it.


EFT isn't about  reliving painful things that have happend to you.    It's about bringing them to the surface, calming you then deleting the emotional charge around this memory.  Once that charge is gone, you put in a new happy or positive feeling about it.

Core issues are treated slowly and carefully.  I'll ask you, to tell  me when you have  a change in intensity.  That's when we tap or change direction.  We follow your body and what it is telling us, no matter how isilly or far fetched it sounds.  It’s shown itself for a reason.

Before the session 

Before I see you I'll send you the things listed below so we can prepare for your session.  This way we'll get the most out of your time.

  • A drawing with all the tapping points (you don't need to memorise it just know about them)

  • A few questions so you know what you want to work on 

  • A Client Form, again a few questions about you and your history so I have a little background – all totally confidential.


I'll be asking you throughout the session to tell me your level of emotion on a scale of 0 to 10.  This is important because it tells us both whether we are ready to move to something else.


10 is the most intense and 0 is no emotion.

This scale isn't scientifically or mathematically exact, it's your best gues, you'll know the number – it'll just pop into your head.

Book your session today and take your first step to start loving yourself again -

The EFT Way.

After the session 

Afer your EFT session, you'll start to notice some changes in how you think and react to things.  Things that would make you axnious before won't affect you.  Things that people used to say that annoyed you wll wash over you.


This'll get more noticable the more you tap and clear your "stuff".

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