Are you a People Pleaser or struggle healthsetting boundaries?

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Kerry Dunn

Mindset Coach &

Clinical EFT Practitioner

Helping People Pleasers like you put yourself first without feeling guilty or selfish.

I help you start being a ME PLEASER without the fear

of rejection or anger from your

friends and family.

I can help you :

  • Overcome the traumas from your past, so you don’t need to put others first to feel comfortable.

  • Be confident setting and enforcing healthy boundaries without feeling guilty or selfish

  • Not be frightened of rejection or backlash when you do put yourself first

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Why I'm  Here

Right from a small child I'd always felt like I was intruding into everyone's lives.  Getting in the way, in the background, being tolerated.  Feeling invisible & unworthy.

It was an accident that I found Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT or Tapping) in a Diploma of Energetic Health course.

It led to a massive light bulb moment & lots of healing.  I'd identified that all my life I'd been living in fear of rejection & abandonment.  I was full of of anxiety, fear, & anger because of it. 

The dominos started to fall; this's why I’d created the skill of being a people pleaser, & I was really good at it!!  

If I make everyone else happy & their life easier, regardless of how I feel I’ll be accepted, listened to, valued, wanted, liked and loved.  I'd never speak up in case I'd upset someone or make them angry and they'd reject me.  Sound familiar?

I was an emotional giver to the extreme, so much so it affected my mental health.   No-one knew of course because I thought no-one would be interested 


I was giving away all my energy to anyone & everyone.  Being this way meant I was attracting even more people that'd happily suck it from me!!  Energy Vampires!


I was exhausted & drained.  Physically, & mentally running on fumes.  I think you may feel the same way.

It's only with my retrospective eyes that I now know all this. 

So it’s now become my heartfelt purpose to help you also heal from People Pleasing & graduate to Me Pleasing just as I did. 

Kerry Dunn Mindset Coaching

How Do We Do This?

The great news is you don’t need to do all the hard work of trying to work out what to do only to keep failing.  I’ve done it for you, I've worked out what works quickly & gently. 


I've the toolkit ready & waiting for you to use.

I'll help you:

  • Shed the fear & guilt of putting yourself first. 

  • Get a crystal clear on who you want to be, how you want to act, & feel.

  • Heal from traumatic past experiences that have made you afraid of change.

  • Develop the bravery & courage you need to start Me Pleasing

  • Manage the expectations & push backs of loved ones in a kind compassionate way

  • Create a gentle easy pathway for you to blossom, taking the needs of you, your family & current life into consideration - this isn't about bulldozing it's about integration with as little disruption as possible.


I’ll be: 

  • Your personal champion in getting to your destination, if you feel no-one else will. 

  • Holding your hand as tightly or loosely as you need whilst you make small incremental adjustments to your life.


I'll give you: 

  • Powerful subconscious reprogramming tools & techniques to help you move forward gently & purposefully.

  • Easy mindefulness tools to create calm & security in your day to day life

  • Gentle encouragement & guidance to ensure you stay on track.

  • Free resources to keep things fresh & inspiring.

My personal experience has shown me that small manageable consistent tweaks to your thoughts & actions are the only way to guarantee long lasting sustainable results.

If you go in too hard & too fast, your body & subconscious will rebel and push back hard – I guarantee it!  You’ll get scared & retreat back to your old ‘safe’ (known & predicable) thoughts & behaviours.  And you’ll fall into victim mode. 


You are not a victim.  You get to choose your life, how you feel, how you act & what you think. 

So, join me & you too can open the door to cage you’ve been living in for so long – you’ve got the key; you’ve always had the key!

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People Pleasers Rehab: Setting Boundaries and Saying No with Confidence.

It's a safe place to learn how to put yourself first without feeling anxious, selfish, or guilty.

We're a fun loving caring community full of beautiful women who support and guide each other on our path to becoming a “Me Pleaser".

It’s a place where you can vent or offload and we’ll all be there with you, holding your hand as tightly or as loosely as you need.

Not only that but there’s tonnes of awesome free giveaways, workbooks, challenges, workshops, and masterclasses all coming your way.

So come on, join us, we can’t wait to meet you!


What Others Are Saying..

(Names changed to protect confidentiality)

“I'd used Tapping before just on my own and it was good but going to see Kerry it was next level, the results were amazing” 

Cassie* 28yrs (NSW)


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