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Kerry Dunn

Clinical EFT Practitioner

Helping you eliminate stress and anxiety so you stop emotional eating or bingeing, allowing you lose weight naturally.

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What's EFT and how can it stop my emotional eating?

EFT's been around for over 30 years, it's also called "Tapping".  It uses the same

acupressure points Acupuncturists use - except without the needles, you tap on them with your fingers instead. 


These special points on your head and upper body access your brain's fight, flight or freeze centre - the one that makes you feel stressed, anxious or angry in certain situations, which then triggers you to behave in ways you wish you didn't, such as:


Overeating or Bingeing

Giving in to Food Cravings

Shouting and snapping

Being defensive or aggressive

Thinking you're no good

​At some point in YOUR history something happened or was said to you, and in response to that your body felt it needed to create a coping mechanism - in your case eating food.   So, now, when you're triggered, the fight or flight centre activates and your coping mechanism is set off - all at lightning speed.  And you can't stop it.


It's this unique to you event that EFT zones in on, takes hold of, and yanks out.  Then with my help, still using EFT you reprogram your brain not to need this coping mechanism anymore.  Voila!  You're FREE! No need to overeat!

It's EFT's highly individualised approach which is the reason why it's so powerful and effective. Other therapies and diets try to squeeze you into a "one size fits all" solution, but you're a beautiful complex being that deserves more than "one size fits all" solution and it’s why they fail each and every time.

A Bit of Science

Because EFT works so well the scientific community are beginning to sit up and take notice and are getting really interested.  There's lots of studies showing how effective EFT is, not just in weight loss but many other areas too. 

One of the most recent clinical trials on EFT and Food Cravings showed that 2 years on from the initial trial participants not only still showed all the benefits of EFT but they actually increased!  Amazing!

What Others Are Saying..

(Names changed to protect confidentiality)

“I'd used Tapping before just on my own and it was good but going to see Kerry it was next level, the results were amazing” 

Cassie* 28yrs (NSW)


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